<Crimson Sanctuary> Recruitingr for 10man

Area 52
<Crimson Sanctuary> Is LFM that want to raid tues-thurs from midnight to 3am server. Must have 490+ ilvl. We will help you gear up the rest of the way. Also looking for any casual players that want to join. Free guild repairs. Pst me.

We are also looking for any casuals who might want to join along with some pvpers. We do have a few people in the guild already who enjoy pvp.

Feel free to ask any questions or message me in game; Fayt#1904
Filled 1 dps spot. Still looking for more raiders.
Still recruiting!
Recruited 1 healer and 1 dps. Still looking for another healer, 1 dps and 2 tanks!
Just looking for one last healer
Need 2 steady healers and a dps

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