[A] 501 H pally LF raid group

I transferred to Proudmoore to raid with friends, but things fell through. I've gotten 1/12 ToT so far and I pick up fights really easily. I'm pretty tired of not progressing at all. I came here from a dead server hoping to find a home.

I'm a pretty laid back person. I like a fun environment, but I'm not afraid of criticism and can be serious when the time comes. I've always considered myself more casual than anything else, but apparently not as casual as the guilds I've been in recently. I'm looking to progress and find a guild I fit well with. I've been playing since Wrath, been holy since Cata. I've ran my own guild on another server and raided semi seriously with them, but the server was nearly dead alliance side and the group fell apart. I know my class well, but have no viable offspec at the moment. Holy has by far been my favorite. I dislike ret and enjoy prot, but have never raided as a tank before. Despite not progressing nearly as much as I would've liked this patch (so far) I pick up fights quickly and generally don't need to be told something more than once.

Any raid days/times are fine by me. I'm west coast and don't have much going on right now. My paladin is my main, though I'd rather not post on her publicly about this just yet. Feel free to drop a line here and I'll get in touch in game to give more info. c:

Once I find a good raid team, I'm loathe to let them go. You'll find a dedicated player in me, for the right group.
Hiya and welcome to Proudmoore. We are currently looking for a healer to fill a spot on our core team. Our normal raid times are Friday and Saturday 6-9PM st but for a few weeks we are raiding Saturday and Sunday. We are a semi/casual type of raid guild, what this means is we take raiding serious but but with a casual approach. We feel it necessary to have FUN while playing the game I mean after all it is a game right?

Anyways if you are interested look us up at http://thecontingencyplan.org/index.php or just look someone up in game and see if there is someone to talk to.
Bumping this back up with my main toon. I'm giving my guild another week, but I'd like to keep my options open still. Hit me up in game sometime if you're looking for a pally healer. c:
Hi ! Squirtle Squad is currently looking for a Holy Paladin this would be for a core raiding spot. We raid Tues and Thurs 10pm-1am server.Thank you for your time
HI I am from Soul Society (Team Uprising) We are currently looking for a solid Holy Pally and a resto druid. We raid T.O.T. 11p-2am realm time on Wed. & Thurs. We also have an optional Tuesday run in H.O.F or T.O.E.S. We are a fun relaxed group currently 2/12 although we just got started in T.O.T. You can contact me or Dixienormis

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