Random daily frustation for achievments

Blizzard could you please diminish the random factor of some MoP daily quests???I love to do the quests achievments but for MoP this is extremely frustating.For example, for the Know Your Role achiev I had to visit the shado pans for over a month to do Uruk! because everytime the quest that was available was Cheng Bo!.Another example is One Many Army. I'm looking for Temuja, Gaohun and Baolai for more than 2 weeks now without sucess.
The worst part is that these problems creates a feeling that I have to play everyday to do them.I can't play on weekends and I keep thinking "Oh my god what if the quest is available today and I won't be online to do it and I'll have to wait another month to find it again.
They should just make all the sets available everyday. Once you pick a set for that day, the others go away.

Could do this for the Shado-Pan, Lion's Landing/Domination Point and the August Celestials.
I've been looking for Mantid under Fire quest, Temuja and Gaohun for nearly 2 months .I'm searching for them 5 days per week and I haven't find none.This is ridiculous...
The achievements are optional. If they're really intruding into your real life this much, just stop doing them.

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