Mercilessly Berate The Transmog Above you

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I'm a bit tired of all these "rate my xmog" threads.
Let's have a bit of satirical fun.

(Just for our own sakes, try to keep it creative, but civil)
You look like a taco. I click on your link and all I can think is crunch crunch crunch oh my what a delicious taco I have discovered. Which might work wonders for you, if you were a taco. But you're not a taco. You're a dwarf. That makes me smart, and you dumb. Cause you look like a taco, and I got smarts real good.
Ranoch, you look like some brainless orc just out of the Orgrimmar's mental institute.

Garrosh needed some fresh cannon fodder and let you out. Estimated time of survival: 10 minutes.
I see a totem. I want to poke this totem. A totem with goggles. I think you may be a smart totem, but I still want to poke you. Maybe dance around you when I'm done.
Your face looks like what would happen if a bat mated with a bug, and it's offspring died, was trampled with a devilsaur, then put back together by Shakey Mgee, the forsaken with no hands.
Blargh! - Dem brows!
Seriously. It looks like you have three different themes going on there. And two of them are stupid ugly. What's with the gun? And I can't even pronounce your name. What's the point in being a night elf hunter if you are going to look like a trollchicka death night with a plague sprayer?
Look like you jumped in a pool of melted jolly ranchers and then put on a black shirt.
Look like you jumped in a pool of melted jolly ranchers and then put on a black shirt.

If Jay Leno was a goblin, that would be you.
Those "glasses" you are wearing are obviously not your prescription, or else you'd see the flaws in your ways.
Dat're compensating for something, aren't you...
Dat're compensating for something, aren't you...

Dear Sir, regarding your recent foray into the 'mog business and the scene you portray...
Now I don't normally approve of war games, but "That's an eyesore", is what they all say.

And by Greg Street, they might be right. This is transmog, not a cosplay night.
End this this Scourgestalker inpersonation, and let it end now, with all the debating.

You seem a reasonable chap so what you need to do is match and not parody dapper-up.
'Cause that's not proper, just not cricket. Put away that puny bow or I'll tell you where to stick it.
Your eyes are too far apart. Nose is definitely crooked. The shape of your face is not aesthetically pleasing at all. You look like a 3/10 with make up in this photo. I don't even want to imagine what you look like without make up. I actually just threw up in my mouth, just thinking about it. Your head is too big (although that may be, because of your giraffe neck posture) . As for your hair, lol. Seriously, do something. You look like a horse. Stare at your face for more than 5 seconds, and you will see how ugly you are. The eyes which are too far apart is what ruins /damages an already ugly face even further. Unfortunately for you, that can't be surgically fixed, lol. You arms are way too long. lol at how they hang by your sides. Kind of reminds me of lurch. Don't even let me start on your pale complexion. It only works if you look hot. Unfortunately, you do not look hot. Its hard to sum up a creature like you in one word. 'UGLY ' would be unfair , since it doesn't reflect how repulsive you look. GROTESQUE is stretching it. But somewhere in between, is where you would be, on the scale of an average man. I'm sorry if my words seem a little harsh. Just so you know, I sugar coated this post as much as possible.

Have a nice day.
Firstly, I want to point out that your "helm" if you can call such an abomination of cranial gear a helm, looks like the decapitated head of a mongrel dog, poorly hidden under a bag, while your extreme dental malformations protrude from underneath, immediately revealing that you are of the grimiest race available...besides goblins. Your skin color reveals your poor circulation, which is an indication of the pitiful health so common to your kind, while the sad amalgamation of gear that you wear makes me think you got it from the unwanted bin at Goodwill. If you slaughtered a cow, and draped yourself in its entrails, you would garner higher praise for your fashion sense, while wielding a rusted spork and an old ruler would greatly improve on your minimal intimidation.

I hope that was enough to go on in order to improve yourself :)
You look like a cross dressing hobo with Malformed shoulders and don't get me started on that Simon say's bow your holding.
You look like a tryhard.
your shoulders are trying to eat you :)
You look like a 12 year old with scoliosis that snuck into his father's closet to play dress up.
Wow. Finally a transmog thread where my transmog is going to fit in.
Unfortunately, it's not particularly in my blood to be vicious or satirical and I'm horribly awful at making fun of people. So, Bledwarf, I'm afraid I'm cutting you short here. Here's all I've got: Well, I like your hat.
Holy heck batman... Lets see where to start. If this was the internet it looks like your trying to troll us... ( Bad joke sound please) Im thinking that white line you painted across your eyes had lead paint in it because it made you color blind and you even forgot to put on your boots. When you went to school as a kid you must have been the laughing stock of all trolls around I mean really you hide your face under that hat but your tusks clearly tell the world how ugly you are and that bow? What happened did some bully in grade school take your weapon from you and hand you such a girly bow and threaten to beat you up if he ever saw you with out it?

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