Venoma's Prot Pally PVP Guide [5.3]

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The most beautiful thing about WoW is that ingame we want to f@#K the other faction really bad but outside we are a helpful and unite comunity that go beyond factions...

(gonna try prot pallying in PvP now in 5.4.1 :3)
Hey folks, been reading all posts on this guide, a lot of love for the protection pally, very surprised. Learned a lot. I have been playing protection in and out of pvp for a while now, and I love it. Just curious if your going to update for 5.4 or if it's basically the same. Awesome job Venoma
Brand new to WoW. Just started playing with Pandara. I'm enjoying the Prot Pally though. I don't often get killing blows, but I can single handedly keep 4 to 5 players tied up defending a flag for a good 20 to 30 seconds and sometimes manage to take down a squishy while I'm at it. If I run with the Healer and DPS that got me into WoW, we can tie up 6-7 players. We get wiped sometimes, but usually keep em busy long enough for the rest of the team to take other objectives if not long enough for more backup to arrive. I haven't read the 4 pages of replies, but it seems to me that you are advising Prot Pally's to play the wrong role on the field.
Thanks for all the support ! After a somewhat decent break, I'm back and will update the guide for the upcoming PvP Season.

Until then, keep Prottin' ;)
Cool, I'm still prot ting sometimes in BGs for fun. I'm kinda stuck on a few talents and glyphs.....not sure if I should pick up up breakable spirit or clemency...sin e prot has no emancipate....extra freedom would be nice but extra survival wold be nice too....that and burden glyph or dazing shield glyph.....and is it worth it for prot to use divine protection glyph and or divine shield glyph....good to see you back though.
Thanks for this guide, OP.

I've been playing my alt pally as Prot because it seems like all the characters I play are strictly DPS, so it's a nice change of pace. However, I found myself somewhat confused by the stat differences between pvp and pve, so this helps a lot. For some reason I thought stacking Mastery was the best thing to do, but I guess not!
I actually tried this by my own volition about a week ago, and I have to say, it really is a LOT of fun!! Also is surprisingly effective. Now, keep in mind, I do NOT do arenas, and I could imagine it not being super effective there... but for flag/area defense in regular BG's it is the most effective set up I've ever played, and this is coming from a Frost Mage main lol.

Love the guide, gave me some tips I can use. Way to break the mold!
Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd give you an update.

I appreciate all the support and am very happy that people find the guide useful. However, I am not going to be updating it until WoD. I gave this season a fair go and just found that they had not fixed any of the ongoing PVP issues in this expansion.

Saying that; if you still find the PVP exciting and challenging, good for you! I encourage you to keep at it because the skills will translate into the future. I am very much looking forward to the new expansion and getting back on the battlefield with all of you!

Until then, keep Prottin' ;)
I have to disagree totally about being an FC, I pick up the flag every time my rbg team runs, take my one healer and hold that flag against their entire team while my team full on attacks their FC, I can easily stand up to four dps classes at once try to take me down and just laugh and when they try to take out my heals i just bubble her and laugh some more, I will say if your are looking for a killing spec in bgs this is not it, I do good damage and usually win a one on one but that's not what I do, what I do is carry flags and hold noids like no other, give a shout for back up and can sit there all day till back up gets there, I love playing protect pally in bgs and watch a whole team waste the game trying to take me down so if your not looking for the kills then protect is a very viable roll in PVP, have fun.
Hi everyone,

6.0.2 is finally here and I've been doing some good ol' Prot PVP. Bearing in mind things will look wildly different at 100, Prot Pallys are looking to be pretty effective at the moment.

The mass removal of CCs from other classes has left us in a pretty good spot with our Avengers Shield silence and 6 sec Hammer stun. I've also switched to using Sacred Shield instead of Eternal Flame, as I feel it is much weaker since the nerf.

I will be looking to put out a WOD Prot Pally PVP guide in the weeks after release. Until then, see you on the Battleground... and keep Prottin' ;)

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