Hit a landmark - ilvl 500

So tonight I finally hit the landmark ilvl 500 Equipped in my prot set (501 is due to some of my Ret pieces). Feeling pretty good about the gear I've amassed in the last 2 months to get here and frankly I'm having a ton of fun in my new found raiding guild.

We're not downing everything, but we're progressing and that's all that matters.
Congrats on the ilevel. I just hit 90 on my prot pally and I'm wondering at what point you started running heroics? Should I just queue immediately or get some crafted 450 prot gear?
Congratulations! There's no real achievement for it, but these are the things to take a moment to just bask in the light of. Nailing a certain item level is like finishing the grind for a hard transmog, it's a point of pride in and of itself.
04/07/2013 01:48 AMPosted by Dnanjiru
I'm wondering at what point you started running heroics?

5 minutes after hitting 90 ;)

Hit the AH to buy some blue 450/463 gear (Masterworks Spiritguard stuff).
Just hit iL500, m'self, this week; for an LFR Hero, I was quite pleased. Especially since it also meant that I broke 25% haste and have no further reason to VP cap weekly, as the remaining vendor gear either has no sockets, is flooded with crit, or both.
Grats on those ilvls peeps!

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