Anyone Know good Leatherworker farm spot?

Basically I need an area that I can kill mobs in larger groups with AOE, and skin for a solid amount. In addition, if they drop motes of harmony frequently that would be awesome. If anyone has info let me know!!
I just saw in another thread where one such mob type (goats somewhere) was nerfed so they output less leather. My guess is that Blizzard wants to discourage "farmers" - players that just farm for hours a day, to sell the mats, to make gold, to sell illegally on websites.

I'm not implying you're one of those. You're a skinner, and want to use the profession to make gold or make mats for other professions. That's an ordinary part of the game.

The only area I know is turtles in the Valley. Not really in groups so you'd have to pull then AOE, and would get at most 4 or 5 each time. I've heard there are higher level mobs good for skiing, but don't know them. I'd like to know too, as my Priest/skinner/LW is 89 now.
A great spot to farm leather is in the area of the Shado-Pan Garrison. The mobs are lvl 88, plus their are turtles in the area that offer a chance at scales as well as leather.
Turtles near the grassy cline in the valley of the four winds. My LW got two motes yesterday just killing some turtles for leather to do the daily research so they still drop.
Townlong Steppes - packs of mushan == lotsa leather and loot
If it's not Fatty Goatsteak day, you can probably round up and AOE a lot of the stags in Valley of the Four Winds.

If it is Fatty Goatsteak day, you can just fly around there and skin other people's kills.
honestly if you are just out to get leather for your crafting I would not at all suggest skinning to get it. the returns for your time are nowhere near worth it. if leather prices on your realm are not sky high, buy it. if they are, best method of getting the skins yourself is by literal farming it - use the raptorleaf seeds on your farm.
- use the raptorleaf seeds on your farm.

Finding a mob pack in Dread Wastes or Townlong Steppes is a lot quicker than waiting for Raptorleaf seeds to cycle.

Best place I've found is in Townlong with the Turtles and Mushan in large numbers.

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