[Balance] Shrooms and Eclipse state

So it is my undertanding that the Wild Mushrooms do in fact benefit from our eclipse state, since it does nature damage. My question is, do we need to be in the eclipse state before placing the mushrooms or before detonating them to get the bonus damage.

I generally keep 3 down at all times, if I ever have a spare few globals I putting them down, should I be waiting for an eclipse state before putting them down? Or just wait for the nature eclipse to detonate them?

Thanks for any help.

Long live the laser chicken!
Just wait for solar eclipse to detonate. Doesn't matter when you place them.
wild mushrooms are very weak, and you should not be using any globals on them.

The only time you should ever place them is pre-pull (Unless you already have Eclipsed NG'd dots rolling on every target and are not getting any SS procs, and HAVE to move -> This is the only other situation where u should use them) otherwise the globals are much better used on other spells.
Thank you Yendig.

Jubz, I am coming 100% from a pvp standpoint, where shrooms actually are quite useful. I can imagine in a PvE setting they would be a waste of globals.
I mostly PvP as balance and don't use mushrooms. Unless you can pre-place them, it isn't worth spending 2 globals for a slow when you can nature's grasp, displacer beast away and continue dealing damage.
ah ok,

Even in PvP you should still not be using them, unless you are 1v1'n a melee... the globals are still better used elsewhere, such as dotting people in range of you.

Alot of other classes have slows built into their aoe's that they use in bg's, and the minimal dmg that shrooms does is not worth it.
Unless you can pre-place them

I try to do this as much as possible. Clearly if a warrior is big and red and on my nuts smashing my face in im not gunna take the time to drop shrooms. Very often I keep 3 at my feet though, so if a melee comes to me I can Wild Leap backwards and set them off at the same time, does a bit of dmg and slows.
If u are spending all that time placing mushrooms around, u could be...
Cycloning someone
rootin someone
Solar beam

mushrooms are a joke and need tweaking

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