[A] Weekend Warlords - Weekday 9 Hours

Weekend Warlords (Frostmourne Alliance) weekday raid team is looking for members. The group consists of main raiders with too much time on their hands and ex raiders looking for a limited raid schedule.

We raid 9 hours per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Monday). Raid times are 8PM to 11PM ST. We don't view our light raid schedule as an excuse for limited progression (many of us are ToT Hard Mode Experienced) and as such we expect a high level of performance from our raiders.

What Weekend Warlord Weekday Team Offers
- Experienced Raid Leadership
- Repairs
- All Consumables Supplied (Food, Flasks, Pots)

What Weekend Warlords Expects
- Strong Performance
- High Raid Awareness
- Punctuality

We are currently looking for the following
- Plate Tank
- Elemental Shaman
- Melee DPS
- Competent players of classes not listed above are still encouraged to apply

If you are a skilled raider looking for a light raiding schedule feel free to apply. Pst a guild member asking for pachi, contact me on dageiver#2831 or visit our website www.weekendwarlords.com/application.

welcome to the guild crazydavy :0

and bump
515 Fury warrior with a lot of raid exp keen to apply.

Interested. Add me on realid dageiver#2831

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