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They better NOT do free transfers. I transferred to a server with a huge Horde pop and a small Alliance one because I'm sick of dealing with Alliance. 6:1 is nice and I paid a lot of money to move here. If you don't like it, pay to move like the rest of us did.

I will not pay to move. It is not the money, it is the principal. This is Blizzard's mess to clean up.

Did you have server balance issues in Cata? Probably not.

My server was fine in Vanilla, BC, Wrath and Cata. Along comes MOP, where all the 90's need to spend there time doing dailies stacked on top of each other. All of a sudden you feel those server imbalances. Such poor poor planning.

I would demand your $25 back. You would not be the first nor the last to do so. Why should you are anyone else have to pay a $25 premium to enjoy the game you have already been playing for years.

Look at the return policy at so many businesses. Blizzard is wrong. What really makes me mad though, is switching servers is a baseline free service in newer MMO's.

Fight for your $25, what do you have to lose?


Why don't you go find some type of method to promote the people that cancelled subs, moved servers, or just plain quit? You seem to have solutions, but you don't broaden your theater.

IMO, if you can't, don't want to move, don't complain. You cannot do anything about someone burning out, maybe got married, had to move, joined the military, went travelling around the world, started a career, got kicked out, had a kid, grew out of WoW, went homeless, opened a business, went for a long hike beyond the great wall of China, or just doesn't want to come back.


You can't compare this game to others, as far as popularity goes.
Maintaining the same sized playerbase means finding ways to attract new players, not just clinging desperately to the players that are already there.

True but new players aren't the subscriptions lost Imo. Also you don't have to revamp or change wow all that much, because this stuff sells itself. All the while losing faithful subscriptions for gimmicks that will be gone in a few patches. The new subs wont see it but longtime gamers will, like the difference in expansions. It's all about customer service, and if you have some unhappy with service you can hear them out or not.
The reasons why any given person joins a MMO, dives into it, stays involved, or gets tired with it -

...are often unrelated to whether Blizz' worlds are pretty, raidful, epic, bonus rolls suck, etc.

In case you didn't notice, some countries are full of these 'recession' thingies people occasionally talk about. If you hear them talking about how their politicians suck, it might be their wallet you hear going flat. Some of them may not renew for awhile, cuz they're BROKE and covering pesky things like life and food, instead of the interwebz bill or some game.

And if they're playing on an F2P account, which now exists too if you enjoy goofing off at L20 or less only - they won't be measured in 'subscriber base'.

So, in my cheap auction-house capable math, the number of WoW players is not easily compared to the number of WoW players paying money.

Nonetheless I recognize that some souls do love to complain, and we can often measure success by what they're complaining about. If those things are back-breaking, they may be representing a lot of people with exactly the same problem, but a more stoic or 'meh nobody will hear me' or 'water off a ducks back' attitude toward the world. If they're fluffy or edge-matters, they may represent something that can stand some polish.

In my day job, some devs are always necessary to fix the plumbing as it were. So I have a warm fuzzy space in my Arcane/Frosty heart for the devs and project managers who reintroduced hybrid play. The cost was mucking the talent tree? YAY! *dodges hunter pets and knifing rogues and DK-citizen thrown tomatoes*

I also have a warm spot in my fireball for the "passengers fall off the rocket" desync between map pages. I mean sure, it only happens SOME times. Mostly at edges that aren't the roads. But it could stand a little welding when someone has free time away from making the next awesome raid...

Edit: (forgot to finish sentence, someone IRL answered a question of mine) SO IF MORE DEVS means MORE STUPID LIL PAINFUL DINKY THINGS FIXED i will bake them mage cakes. Really.

where all the 90's need to spend there time doing dailies stacked on top of each other.

Ooh, the cities and daily hubs are crowded with lazybones. Hey, I am the last one you'd ever hear disagreeing with THAT.

This isn't solved by transfers. This is potentially solved by... (your ideas may vary)

  • not allowing Cross Realm Zones on the cities at all. Since they are already crowded.
  • uncrowding some cities? How about not putting all the tport-major hubs in only one city?
  • uncrowding some ciities? How about giving BG geeks a buff for going out in the real world. Bigger buffs for actual questing and/or closer-to-level lands travel.
  • Let's get those gnomes their pesky homeland city back.
  • Let's get the goblins their precious islands back.
  • Hey deathwing, you lazy dragon, get back here and finish burning down Smogwind.

You know, some imagination toward solving the thing you actually hate, instead of thinking with your wallet. :D

tho I 'spose I'm supposed to laugh maniacally while charging for teleports? "Tip anything you like. If you didn't appreciate the service, me being a jerk about the price wouldn't help any."

Edits: fixing bullet lists bullets. they were ugly. soz

Edit: or just kick everyone out of the city now and then? nah, that really *would* drive people away. Some good ideas can go too far.
Cata sucked.......and since we have the digital download age you will never again see people lining up outside of game stores on release day like what happened with Wrath, at least not for most online PC games.

It would be interesting to note the numbers now, if this 90 day decline is true for MoP and it is centred around the East, it is ironic as Mists seems to have a strong Eastern theme to it with panda's and monks and stuff, like they are targeting this part of the world.
Someone else said somewhere that North American servers are 1/3 of what they were in Wrath, which i don't really believe.

Also, do you count Aus/NZ as the east? Suppose its the third part of the world, oceanic. Whats the rate there?
Wow...I am amazed at the amount of aggro from people toward those who write (and probably speak) with a large and expressive vocabulary. I am shocked (is that word ok....not too overwhelming for anyone?) that there seems to be almost a distaste shown toward posters who simply feel comfortable speaking with words that, obviously, used to be more commonly used than they are today.

Keep in mind the huge variation in age, education, and motives of those that post here.
You - the dour pessimist nitpicking at anything and everything in an unsubtle attempt to manipulate the devs into catering to your agenda based on your background of constant entitlement from your moms basement

You: The guy who just made an '@ss' out of 'u' and 'me'.
The eastern player base is just about all that needs to be said at this point. I believe there was a 3 million sub number for Legion before WoW, which those Legion subs came mostly from the East. I doubt the cultural difference over here doesn't really change much.

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