Destros' State of the Realm (for horde)

Welcome to KT!

You have unfortunately chosen horde on KT (you are a fool, a masochist, or an isolationist)

However, I have come here to lay out a guide to help you find your way, no matter what you like to do!

1. PvP -

Relevant PvP Guilds. none.

2. Guild Raiding Information. PvE

Interested in raiding? You've come to the wrong place. I have compiled a list of helpful resources for raiders of all experience levels to help pinpoint a guild for their needs. Here is the list.

Alright, onto the next topic.

3. Auction House & General Market? Empty

You can scour the auction house for random gems that will not fit your needs, or you can level a jewelcrafter yourself, and be happy with the green gems you will be using.

Same for enchants or anything else you may need off the auction house, get busy farming or leveling that profession yourself.


Hello Alliance, we DO exist! muahahaha. Die ally scum! etc etc etc.
I saw a horde at the Darkmoon Faire once.
I lol'd

I like you
10/10 post requesting sticky
i like this post
Oh hi!
Muahahahaha! I'm in your isle of thunder killing your mans!!

P.S. if we kill you in our quest to bring a small ounce of pride back to the horde and some minor fun to world PvP, do not take offense, it is all in good fun. P.P.S. DIE INFIDEL ALLIANCE!
I have yet to be killed and I'm a pretty bad PVPer.

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