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As I posted earlier, DS lost 1 million, not 2 milllion subs, and the entirety of the losses came during the dead period following the relevance of DS (the ~6 months before MoP). DS just does not fit into the narrative that the dreaded CASUALIZATION OF WOW is killing it or w/e.


It's really hard to draw ANY lessons about how the game direction affects subscriber numbers given delayed reactions in sub drops and how Blizzard calculates active subscriptions, plus the difference in subscriptions in Asian markets and the bizarre expansion release schedule in China. Pretty much anyone who says "X, then sub numbers dropped, X caused the drop!" is being misleading.
probably because they beat the final boss of the expansion within 2 weeks of the patch 4.3 being released

if everyone steamrolled into ICC, mashed random buttons and LK fell over to cough up epics within 1-2 weeks of patch 3.3 would the 12 miillion sub numbers have held up for so many months ? no way

but Osmeric, Sarosha and friends like to ignore that convenient info

If they steamrolled and quit so quickly, why did the large loss wait for nearly half a year? Active accounts were flat in the quarter 4.3 released and the one after that. Concurrency didn't sharply decline until the latter part of Q2 2012 (with the D3 release).
I did. I regret it sometimes because it's nice to raid in an organized environment with the same people every week and I have to push myself to perform at the best of my ability.

On the other hand, with LFR I can raid whenever I want rather than on a set schedule which suits my life more at the moment.
04/09/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Nexumus
The only person I know who dropped down to LFR didn't actually enjoy raiding. They complained if the group wiped more than 5 times on a boss. The people who enjoy progression raiding are all still doing it.

I think this is me and I have no problem with that. Years ago, I did do progression raiding, and while others cheered in vent after killing that boss that just wouldn't die after 50 wipes, my reaction is a "thank god thats over." Just isnt fun for me.

And that's fine.

It's better for you, and the game that we have LFR now. We have different goals. Better to give you your own mode, than try to contort and fit you into something that isn't for you.

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