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Shattered Hand
If anyone has ever been lucky enough to be at halfhill and come back to your dead corpse in the in and see that it was Veryoriginal who killed you then you will know who I am talking about. Well he was up to his usual tricks ganking lowbies so I attempted to kill him, coming close the first time he managed to elude me with 1 of his billion cd's and came back and finished me off. After dying to him again and then again in a 3 v 1 I finally managed to slay the TROLL when he got greedy. After killing him I noticed he never came back to his corpse after i was sitting on his corpse all the sudden out of nowhere comes this Warrior pulling out his swifty macro he tries his best to kill me but FAILS miserably. What ensues afterwards is beyond HILARIOUS!!! Enjoy the nerd rage everyone!

Dude doesn't even let me respond ignores me before he even sends the message!!! TROLL FAIL!!! I enjoy ur nerd rage TEARS
he's done the same thing to me. the guy flips out and sends you pm's like this game is important and you sort of just sit there and go "uh what just happened?" and before you respond he puts you on ignore. he's also said the lag thing to me too, so he obviously uses it as an excuse.

he's a weirdo, and has some real mental issues. i don't consider many people on wow losers because there are plenty of normal people on it, but this guy has some real problems.
If kiting a PvE tank with Shurikan Toss takes skill this guy must be the best rogue on the server.
bad rogue is at 11
I'm the worst rogue though
If kiting a PvE tank with Shurikan Toss takes skill this guy must be the best rogue on the server.
Ha did he even manage to get you below 50 percent?
Took him about 10 minutes or more to kill me, probably closer to 15.
Veryoriginal, likes to gank level 88s while their minding their own business, I think he has a warrior too either way, bad in general.
He does have a warrior, when i killed his rogue i was sitting on his corpse and then out of nowhere got attacked by a warrior who blew everything and he still died. Thats when i got the tell from him minutes later.
My warrior hasnt been played since the end of last season. If u guys want to nerd rage then so be it. im the one that gets the laugh when i constantly kill u guys with 3-10 horde around you. you guys pretend to be amazing fighting 5v1 but yet i constantly kill someone without dying. i understand why u hate me so much because if i died to someone on a faction that is literally 100x less populated id feel pathetic too. I've been slaying u noobs since cata and it probably wont change. there is maybe 10 people on your faction that can beat me 1v1 and sad to say none of u above who posted are one. gg nerds qq more on the forums because it literally makes me lol more at you scrubs when i teabag your corpses. see ya around im sure:)
IM pretty sure i destroyed u like 18 times b4 u finally killed me with the help of a resto druid. why would i get on my warrior to kill u when i was easily doing it on rogue. i used to gank with a warrior who im sure was him. i understand how angry u must be but you will survive kiddo
HEARTVADER VS BATHEINBLOOD CHRONICLES =] Veryoriginal is the reason i bring my spriest to Seven Stars and dot up em allies, SHOUT OUT BRO KEEP KILLING THEM HORDIES <3
i hear ganking is forbidden on a pvp server. u better watch out or you will get the tears
I saw all them skeletons bro, im jus upset seven stars has like 2-3 people at one time =[ sigh i guess it is more fun to be an ally sometimes xD
Thanks for killing me while I was afk in shrine yesterday. It was pretty cool.
lol i never said you didn't kill me because you did multiple times. But when i finally killed you, well just go look at the screenshot. I enjoyed the amount of nerd rage you displayed after i killed your rogue and warrior. Whats even better is you lying about not getting on your warrior in an attempt to kill me ok buddeh. Congrats on killing afk people!!! And congrats on doing it on a rogue whom anytime gets in trouble has an easy escape button *VANISH* and then you just go run to the guards. But once again thx for the nerd rage.
LOL you talk about nerd rage like this but i remember clearly u stalking me for literally 2 hours to gloat about u 3v1ing me. u looked up my armory to see what alt i was on and continuted to cry and moan. u post some garbage link about me ranting when u literally have no proof thats my toon. give it up man u are garbage and a hypocritical one at that. u spend a month obsessing over me. im flattered but its starting to get pathetic. qq moar because again u started thread. u raged not me. gg scrub
Oh so now its 3 v 1 when you stated it was 2 v 1. And this 2nd person you bring up was a lvl 87 druid whos heals did nothing and his damage did nothing to help me kill you considering you globaled him after you vanished the first time and since you got greedy and decided to kill him thats when I finished you off. Funny you say i raged, where is my rage??? Do you have a screenie of this rage you mention? I am simply having a laugh at ur expense and you don't seem to like it, and whats even better is you continue to lie about everything which is great!!! Lol oh man i used armory to find your alts OH NOES!!! Let me tell you its so hard and takes hours of research to figure out someones alts *sarcasm off*. I wish i would of screenied you lying about your characters not being Veryoriginal and Batheinblood then finally admitting it.

Yes i don't have proof that hordespy is you, but really I don't need it because your reaction makes it obvious that it is indeed you. Your responses speak for itself, your comebacks are hilarious you are just like any other troll out there anytime someone puts you in ur place you resort to childish insults. OMG UR A SCRUB, your so bad you lagged, stop stalking me. WAAHHHHHHHHH WAHHH. SOMEONE KILLED ME IM GONNA CRY!!! Dude you play a rogue who 1 v 1 can pretty much beat almost any class out there if you are remotely good at playing one you should win and if for some reason you don't use one of ur many CD's to reset the fight. Really takes no skill to open on a warrior get him low vanish reopen and finish him off lets be honest about that. Arguing with you is pointless since you act like a child who doesn't get their way.
One more thing I wasn't messaging you to gloat about killing you I messaged you to LOL at the response I got after killing you. I know you have selective memory but after I killed ur rogue and warrior you hoped on your horde character and raged out on me (see screenie above). Thats when I decided to make an alliance toon to LOL at your childish insults and since you blocked me after anytime i messaged you and then would rage out on me after i was blocked I thought it would be funny to continue pushing ur nerd rage button even more by making a new character to message you on. Thx for the LOL's i appreciate it!!!
lol do u honestly think anyone here cares about what youre saying? honestly? the warrior that failed at killing u wasnt me... again why would i get on a undergeared warrior to gank u when i was killing u so easily on my rogue. it makes no sense LOL. u even said i could kill u 1v1 on a "op ROGUE" i gank with a warrior. i did it all the time. i know its hard to comprehend but eventually u will get it. this pride youre trying to hold onto about killing me isnt real man. when i was killed by you with the horde surrounding me i logged on to my lowbie alt to lvl til the horde cleared out. man u really gotta give this up because youre starting to sound retarded. youre the one giving me the lols. my friends reading this are laughing at you. just stop now b4 you get a worse reputation of constantly crying about pointless !@#$. look at your other threads. qqing about undercuts. its pathetic. move on kiddo

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