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Iam looking for a way to Organize my Games and my Regular programs like Browsers, chat programs, Photoshop.. etc. Into 2 separate groups.

I know I can just put them on one side of the screen to the other. But I was looking for something that looks better.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Iam also not looking or some type of dock bar.

PLease Help, MY desktop is looking cluttered.
Thank you Sidousness, I might try that. Otherwise does anyone have any other suggestions? Resources are at least of my problem. But I do like what Sid said.
Maybe some type of click and drop down menu of some sort of thing would be excellent. Thank you for the Idea SId.
BTW once i get my things sorta out I will be posting a before and fter picture of my desktop,
I like to have a quick launch (or we it's called) icon for my browser in the bottom left of my screen (where the start menu was in win 7) and I launch all of my games out of steam, but I guess if I wanted to launch them from another place, I'd create a start screen group for games and put them all there

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