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Moon Guard
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Welcome, stranger.

But you are not a stranger, are you? Stormwind looks all too familiar to you, the buildings and the pathways memorized like the back of your own hand; the high stone arches of the Cathedral like a secondary home to you, the ruins of what once was a beautiful Park a stark reminder of the conflict that you have seen and endured over years.

The drinks the taverns supply are familiar to your lips, as are the faces of the people that serve them to you; equally familiar are the friendly visages of the merchants around the city. Smiles, scowls, grimaces.. The shouts of merchants hawking their wares and bartering with other loud voices to sell the day's best catch. You know these things intimately, don't you?

You might venture into the seedier parts of Old Town or even the Mage Quarter, where you've heard rumors of fel magic lurking inside. Do you expect to find one of stealth there? I suspected so, stranger.

Venture back into Stormwind, take a look at all the smiling faces again. Watch them closely and you might glimpse something unseen: the shadow of an eye, curving and ornate, watching back at you. The scarred visage of a Shadow, keenly intent on discovering, tasting, ripping apart secrets from every day life. The familiarity you once thought you knew takes on a whole new meaning, something now sinister.. Paranoia sets in, doesn't it?

You look again and the eye is gone, hidden by folds of cloth and leather, parchment and books, weaponry of sorts and armor. Do you recall seeing it, stranger? Was it even there?

A note is tacked to the Stormwind board, the parchment appearing quite old and smelling of the docks down by Harbor. It is penned with a careful hand and in a faded blank ink.

Seek employment? We have just the thing for you!
The worker's union is taking in all merchants without a home. Whether you work in
Shadow or the light, we have places for all and benefits.
For more information, seek out a woman named Erisande Flamesinger.
Training will be provided for all apprentices.

The League of Shadows is a new Heavy RP guild brought to you by yours truly. Our aim is to provide a different take on a "dark" roleplay guild as well as a different take on the usual "spy" roleplay.

Our goal is to not only provide players with a place to learn traditional "spy" roleplay like assassinations and intel gathering, but also smuggling, blackmail, and interrogation. We intend to extend our reach far beyond Stormwind and have bases of operation just about anywhere.

What makes you different than other "spy" guilds?

A good question. I'd say the way we approach things is different - the way our guild is made up is that we have our leader, the Premier, and a set of Junior Premiers who are our council-types. After being accepted into the guild, and going through the IC acceptance, you will be assumed as an Initiate. Every Initiate is assigned to a Junior Premier or the Premier for training.

Training differs based on which teacher you are under and can vary from a wide range of tasks that you must complete. Each Initiate is responsible to get in touch with their respective teacher for all tasks and jobs. Once training is deemed complete, you are given an IC mark signifying your full membership and advance to Agent.

This promotes a healthy dose of roleplay as well as fostering a close community within the guild.

Not only this - but we accept students outside of the guild on special cases. If you have a guild you are already in and would really rather not wish to leave, feel free to contact one of us ICly anyways! Depending on what the situation is, some of us might not mind taking on students outside of the League.

How do I join?

Contact either the Premier or one of the Junior Premiers in game to set up an interview!
An application is also required. More info about that can be found on our website.

Our Current Storylines

Smoke and Mirrors - Our first inter-guild storyline! Many thanks to Gear and Blade Ironworks for working this out with us. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Current Events

League of Swordsmen - to be announced!
League of Sycophants - to be announced!
League of Scientists - to be announced!
Reserved for future use.

And we are fully open for business!
'stamps seal of approval'
A bump for Leagues because Leagues are cool.
spoiler alert: All leagues on the server are controlled by the same person.
They are not, shush.
Updated our current events!

We have our first event coming up within the next week~
It should be a fun one.
Smoke and Mirrors - Our first inter-guild storyline! Many thanks to Gear and Blade Ironworks for working this out with us. It's going to be a lot of fun.

*dramatic entrance and even more dramatic bow*

Bump for a great group of guys, ICly and OOCly. Can't wait for the event! A lot of the guildies are itchin' for some conflict.
D'aww, Kal. <3
D'aww, Kal. <3

All your hearts are belong to me.
Nudge nudge nudge.

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