[A-RP] The League of Shadows - recruiting!

Moon Guard
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~Bites everyone in the thread and turns them into worgen~ My job here is done.
Oh hell no.

I'm Tyrande's daughter, a San'layn, a Naga, Queen of Stormwind, and a badass Warrior-Warlock. You can't turn me into nothin'.

[flies off on her sparklepony]
This looks like yet another thing I wish I had more time to look into! :(
Well, if you ever do get the time, let us know!
I'm always here to speak with you about our Goddess the Morriga-- ..I mean the guild.
Starting our first storyline tonight!
Can't wait~
Oheydere, Hozak.
*tickles thread until it wiggles back to the top*

And that's how you bump a post.
Tonight's event went amazingly.

A whole bunch of flippin' thanks to Gear and Blade Ironworks for helping us organize this.
A continuation of this storyline to follow through very soon.
I want to join!

But I don't know what character to join with; I have many. o.o
Give us ALL the characters! /meme.
The event went off great! I can't wait for more stuff with you guys :D
[barrels into the thread yet again]
You're all a bunch of geeks.
You're all a bunch of geeks.

Shut up, Kel, before we torture you again.
[tumbles into this thread and looks around] Oh sweet Jesus -you- people... I love all of you.
Kelbris, no. :c

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