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Basically, games like wow that show ingame FPS or fraps/MSI afterburner that detect FPS are greatly flawed. They show the amount of frames per second that the graphics engine calls for, but not the actual FULL frames shown. In some studys, HD 7970 CF was showing a solid 60.0FPS in fraps but only 35 full frames were shown, and 25 runt/incomplete/sliver frames were counted. Pretty interesting article, Linus talked to him on his live stream last weekend.
There are several companies doing these tests and its back up by Linus. Both NVidia and AMD have both acknowledged these problems as well.
Its true, its been widely covered on tech sites. Here's a link to a long article on AnandTech that explains the rendering pipeline in detail, where fraps etc are measuring, and how that can miss a lot of what actually ends up happening further downstream. The source is AMD, who was explaining how they managed to miss how screwed up their drivers were, and how they've addressed it to make sure it won't happen again. The measurement issue applies equally to AMD and Nvidia (and Intel onboard graphics and any other graphics provider.)


This is why you should never rely on review articles that include only average fps measurements. What you really want to know is how long the slower than average frames take, and how often they occur.

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