Dark Animus 25 normal question

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Every video I see of the fight they fill up both Massive Anima golems and then activate Dark Animus and burn boss.

My question is, why not fill only 1 massive golem and then activate Dark Animus? He will get his abilities faster, and you'll have 15 small golems for a bit, but he should still get Full Power at the same time (36 siphon Animas to get all Anima whether you only have 1 or 2 golems, so same enrage.)

To me it just seems much simpler, you'll get out of the dangerous phase quicker to the easy phase. In our 10m kill (which this theoretical method would give Dark Animus his abilities at roughly the same rate as 10m since they use only 1 massive) we didn't have too much trouble handling interrupting jolt and anima font so activating those abilities earlier seems like an ok trade off for ending P1 earlier.

I'm just wondering what I'm missing here, no one does this that I know. Why? Is the few seconds of the 15 active Anima golems that deadly?
Because the Lightning overload is the only deadly ability on normal.

2 golems is easy peezy, toss a DK, even if it's a DPS with a blood spec on, and have him kite them both in circles, AMS off stacks every other time they cast (If you kite around for their Cd, they'll both cast it at the same time)
Ya, with our few attempts on 25 normal Monday, (more time on trash then boss :() we just kept wiping to people being out of position or various things involving adds getting together and 1 shotting people, I know from PTR streams that's just the way it goes on the first few attempts because its so different a fight, but just was thinking of ways to get out of it faster.

Your explanation makes sense though.

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