choose what spec of gears reward from LFR ?

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im sure there is another post about this, since now what u get in loot is discreet. it would greater reduce LFR queue time if we can choose what type of gear to be rewarded?

nowdays healer instant queue, tank queues are now longer than dps. but if u want to get some tank or dps gears, u will have to wait. and if ur tanking set are greens/contender, u gonnna get owned.

just wondering when will be feature allow us to pick what type of gears to loot? so people will queue for whatever with lowest queue time and still gets the loot they want ?
This is coming in 5.3.
This is coming in 5.3.

This mage speaks the truth.
It's not that simple though, some people will opt to DPS rather than tank or heal if they can still get gear for the spec they prefer, especially if they're going as a group with at least one tank or healer so that they don't have to wait. It may reduce or lengthen overall queue times.

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