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Hello everyone! Lately, our guild has begun a fun role play event and we are looking for more members and participants!

Our guild has begun an auction of battle pets, caught and trained by our members where people will be given a chance to bid in a live environment on the pets. We start the bids much lower than AH prices and we are not always making a profit but this is for fun.

We also sell characters as part of an underground "slave trade" where people offer characters up for the sales. (NOT EVERYONE SOLD WANTS ERP. PLEASE do not assume these characters are ERPers. Most of them are just hoping to jump start a story.) The pets sold will earn 80% of their sales for themselves. Prices typically start at 100g per person sold.

This event has happened once and will continue to be a monthly thing. We hold pet battle competitions as well as raffles based on a roll. The winner of our Level 10 bracket and level 25 bracket will receive a pet or mount. The same for our raffles. We want to encourage others to interact and RP within our event.

This event is on the 20th of April. We are still looking for additional members, contacts, slavers, and slaves. The C.C.C is also looking for guild alliances to join our Shadow Corporation organization and we are currently recruiting guild members.

Please feel free to let us know if you are interested! You can read our adoption policy rules and role descriptions here. To sign up, please contact Szlik [battle tag is bunny#1257], Rwaste, or Lindrali (or the person posting this).

I will be posting the actual flyer in the following reply.
A Pandarian, wearing gold and violet, stands in the Valley of Strength in Ogrimmar, near Auctioneer Gullem and Stampi in Thunderbluff, at the bank in Undercity, and the Royal Exchange of Silvermoon city and on the central platform of the Shrine of Two Moons. They stand in the Trade District of Stormwind, the bank in Darnassus, Commons of Ironforge, at the bank of Exodar and on the central platform of the Shrine of Seven Star. They wave a small banner and call out to passers-by.

“Traveling Champions! The Champion Companion Company invites you to an auction like none before! Come to Silvermoon City Bazzar for a chance to bid on exotic companion pets, supplies for traveling and professions, for beautifully crafted gear and so much more! Take a flyer and read the list of items for auction this coming Saturday, the 20th! Come one, come all!”

Upon the flyer reads:
[April 20th, 2013 @ noon server.]
The C.C.C thanks you for your interest in our auction. We will be conducting:
An Auction of Game (Battle Pets).

Game Pets, Pets, and more.

A Pet Battle competition for an exotic reward worth at least 1000g, including the actual gold!

A private VIP auction!

A donation raffle! 5g buys you one slot in the keg and you have an unlimited opportunity to win! Lucky winner gets a prize!

On the back, a special invitation:
VIP only sales. Please see Szlik Coinjacker, Rwaste Coinjacker or Lindrali Eventide for VIP Sales.

[You can visit our flyer at http://www.wyrmrestaccord.org/forums/roleplaying-corner/events-and-town-crier/event-ha-auction to see more information.]
We had an amazing time last month and we hope to see more people here this month!

Come down for RP, pet raffles, pet battle tournaments at pet levels 5 and 25, with prizes, and more!
Bump for RP! <3 Hope to see you guys there!

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