[H] Mal Intent is the returnz and LFM

We are back, like a burning rash when you stop taking your perscription meds because you think it is gone but really it's not, kind of back!

Good afternoon, KJ. I am GM of Mal Intent and I am looking to fill the guild a little so it's not just Aranelle and I talking in guild chat. It gets lonely, and she's a little shady about cuddling.

A little about us:
Mal Intent is a level 25 Horde guild, cookies included, that is focused primarily on PvP. I have decided to expand on that and add chieves to the roster since I suffer from OCchieveD.
We are casual adults, family type atmosphere, and are not looking to fill our guild with epeens, and 15 yr old boy varsity 3s arena locker room type of players which is pretty standard with your average PvP zerg guilds.

I personally have a full time career and side projects that occupy my time. I enjoy performing stand up comedy and frequent the New York area, free lance writing, and boating/fishing. I don't live in Azeroth, so I believe heavily in bringing your A Game, because frankly I don't want to spend 3 hours a night trying to get conquest capped.

If you have leadership experience, or better than average knowledge of the game and your class, I am also looking to fill the various ranks offered within the guild.
Open recruitment to anyone at the moment, as long as you:
- Are an adult
- Decently geared, prepared, and skilled
- Can use Vent/Mumble
- Have similar goals

Guild Site is this way ----> http://fedkelso.wix.com/mal-intent#

And you may contact Aranelle or myself in game with further questions. I don't subscribe to forum PvP but I will stick a fork in your eye if you want to diss on the flash site.
I had a rash once. Didn't like it at all.
Depends on the rash....under the armpits ranks up there
Bump for great people.
Welcome back guys!
preach onnnn
Bump for great people.
I like cuddling paladins. Always feeling safe with their hand of protection.
I had a rash once. Didn't like it at all.

It's okay. Some rashes are BoP. It happens.
I had a rash once. Didn't like it at all.

Chickenpox is worse.

Hello there. Can I help you with anythin?
No, not really. Just bumping for you.
<3 Mal Intent

Hey! If you keep heating up our thread with those looks you might melt away our applications!
<3 Mal Intent

Cyanide my favorite rogue on Kil'Jaeden.
You need to change to Horde for a couple minutes to unlock some lockboxes for me! :)
We're getting some old friends back!
We're getting some old friends back!

04/16/2013 10:08 PMPosted by Aranelle

Hey! If you keep heating up our thread with those looks you might melt away our applications!

Smell like no other, look like she strip under cover,
Wish I could follow her home and just say thank you to her mother
Another interested brother who'd love to become your lover
Burn rubber to the spot to tell my dogs how much I dug ya
Outta here but I'm not gonna leave this place without getting in your face
I'm not a disgrace so I gotta see how you taste,
And I move at a puma's pace
So baby please, if you find the time to get up outta the weeds
I wanna make you my squeeze cause these other chick you supersede.

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