[A] Malice - 11/14[H] SoO [25] - Recruitment

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Format: 25m
Progression: 11/14 [H] 14/14 [N]
US 25 Man Raid Rank: 315 US25
Raid Times: Wednesday & Monday 6:45pm-10:00pm Server time (CST).
Website: http://www.wowmalice.enjin.com/
In-Game Contacts: Khonsu, Sinickle, Flasherhealz, or Dac.

About Malice

Malice is the longest continuously running raiding guild on Sargeras-US. We are a semi-casual guild that aims to be progression oriented despite our limited raid schedule and casual environment. Accordingly, we expect all raiders to be fully prepared for each raid night. This includes not only investing in proper class consumables, but also researching and understanding boss mechanics prior to pulling any boss. The guild has recently changed its looting system from a loot council to a numerical EPGP system. The details of this change can be found on our website.

Current Recruiting Needs

- Heals with a preference toward monks, shamans, druids
- Ranged DPS with a preference toward ele shamans, spriests, boomkins

We will also consider any applicant who feels that he or she is a good fit with the guild and can compete with our current raiders.

How to Apply

Visit our website – wowmalice.net

If you would like to speak with someone prior to posting an application, feel free to contact Khonsu, Flasherhealz, Sinickle, or Dac (or Jobie!).

Thank you for your time and consideration of Malice!
Go Heat
I will root for the heat, if and only if, lebron gets hit by a bus and dies, so as to prove that they didnt need him anyway.
Go Heat

I fully support this!
Bumped! We need more gnomes.
8/12 25N!
bump for Jobie!
Bump, cause everyone needs Kobe

Poor Kobe....RIP
We need more gnomes.
Bump. Holy priest and/or resto shaman would be awesome.
Updated recruiting needs!

wtb boomkin!
Bump for some new peeps.
I believe the correct answer is go Spurs.

Regardless of who your team is, we'd love to get a Boomchicken, Resto Shammy, Hunter, Holy Priest, or maybe a DK in here. Or as always, incredible players of any class/spec.

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