LF 10m Raiding Guild

Im not wanting a super serious guild full of Elitist. Just a guild who raids every week and gets the job done. I have kids of my own and i dont need somebody else's kid cussing me because i didnt do something exactly right. So i prefer a 18+ guild Thx
Our guild website is just starting and currently looks like geocities threw up, but check our recruitment post and feel free to apply if you feel we might be a good match.
Your guild name, its like, the best thing since sliced bread!
But is it better than boxed wine?
But is it better than boxed wine?

Only the FINEST boxed wine here.
If you are interested Obscurity is recruiting, contact me in game via real id wyndman#1197
Carl's Van is actively recruiting a hunter. Yes, we are 18+ for the most part (we allow some exceptions for 16+ who we feel are mature). You can check out our website at carlsvan.guildlaunch.com
18+ is low balling for the maturity level on WoW my friend!
If you're still looking, check out Coalition (http://coalitiongarona.com/). We're largely an older group, adults with jobs and families who raid to unwind after a long day's work.

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