Tauren shamans pushed "under the rug"?

The only Horde Shamans I see are Troll, Orc, Goblin, and Pandaren... yet Tauren shamans remain as rare as Dwarf rogues. What's the problem? Tauren can be quite viable in PvP because they have a good AoE stun; Shaman lack stuns. As Blizzard said, we'd would gain personal preference to anything that we could choose in MoP (Race/class)... I haven't seen this anywhere. The talent builds are still cookie cutter, certain glyphs are mandatory over others, and racials are still picked over preference.
We're just really good at hiding.
My shaman was Tauren from vanilla until recently, but War stomp is flawed....even for such a short cast time it suffers pushback and has a short duration/long cooldown. The extra hp is okay, but not game-breaking. The lack of excitement about rolling a tauren shaman makes sense.

From a roleplaying, lore or animation perspective it's a different story, but in a 9 year old game I think it's more about how the character performs that equates to a more lasting happiness for the player.
I'm a Tauren shaman. I chose Tauren because they are what brought shamanism back to the horde, plus they are supposed to be the most powerful, bad !@#$ warriors, the elite fighters (or rather, that's what they were in Warcraft 3). Plus they generally always bring wisdom and reason, which to me is what a shaman is supposed to be.

However, I have been playing Tauren mains ever since vanilla so I may be biased. I do seriously think they need their facials reworked, they did it for almost every other race, they need to do it for us now.
If i played horde my shammy would be a Tauren, Tauren are the best Horde race. BAINE FOR WARCHIEF!
I just hit 90 last night :D
We're practicing stealth for when tauren can be rogues.
We're just really good at hiding.

^ This, mostly.
I just hit 90 last night :D

Id play tauren as horde, they make the best enh shamans.
Everyone knows tauren shamans are the best at camouflage. All they have to do is find a cherry tree and paint their hooves red.
Its not that Tauren are just big ugly beasts with no heads.
or that you feel like they move soooooooooo slow.
or that they scratch, and scratch, and scratch, and.. Oh for the love of all that is good; Give it a flea collar or cut off its arm!
or that Mulgore is the worst starting zone with every quest needing 10 minutes of run time to reach.
or that a Tauren's damn tail clips through weapons and cloaks.
or that all Tauren pants look like a sumo wrestler diaper thingy ( i think its called a Mawashi )

No its none of those

Its because Orcs are just so damn cool, O.o
I didn't go with Tauren because I wanted a good racial..
Tauren melee animations are great.
Are you kidding me?!?!?! Why play a Tauren? I'll tell you. Because....




What? I'm under no rugs. I'm also a female Tauren Shaman. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Trolls are too gangly, orcs are too stubby. Tauren for life. Cow is for fite!
I'm also a female Tauren Shaman.

Now that is a rarity.

or that they scratch, and scratch, and scratch, and.. Oh for the love of all that is good; Give it a flea collar or cut off its arm!

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