Tauren shamans pushed "under the rug"?

Draenei horns and tails have better swag.

That is all.
I was a tauren before mists came out, if it means anything now.
We're just really good at hiding.

Tauren Shaman is the best racial/class combination WoW has to offer.
Everyone knows tauren shamans are the best at camouflage. All they have to do is find a cherry tree and paint their hooves red.

Exactly. And what is Pandaria full of?

That is all.
04/14/2013 06:21 PMPosted by Maiitsoh
I'm also a female Tauren Shaman.

Now that is a rarity.

And I pvp!
We're just really good at hiding.

Tauren Shaman are actually Tauren Rogues, in disguise!
Tauren Shaman is the best racial/class combination WoW has to offer.
Sorry but realistically we need the other racials to land kills/mitigate as much as possible stuns nice but not as nice as all orc racials or cute dwarf ones
Tauren shaman are the best, who cares if I could get a slight dps increase if I was an orc, give me my !@# kicking cow any day.
So I heard there was a party?

Tauren Shaman rule.
Best horde race. Hands down :D
Release day tauren; cow IS for fite!
Uhhhh, hi.
Always played as a troll, mostly because I always loved the troll witch doctors in wc3. I always felt Tauren fit better as druids
Its not that Tauren are just big ugly beasts with no heads.
or that you feel like they move soooooooooo slow.
or that they scratch, and scratch, and scratch, and.. Oh for the love of all that is good; Give it a flea collar or cut off its arm!
or that Mulgore is the worst starting zone with every quest needing 10 minutes of run time to reach.
or that a Tauren's damn tail clips through weapons and cloaks.
or that all Tauren pants look like a sumo wrestler diaper thingy ( i think its called a Mawashi )

No its none of those

Its because Orcs are just so damn cool, O.o

Not fitting through doors was my personal favorite.
hello :)

I liked Mulgore as a starting zone, personally.
Mulgore is honestly my favorite zone, not necessarily for its quests or anything, but just the aesthetic of the gently rolling hills.

The only thing that could possibly get me to stop being a tauren (aside from the threat of a burdizzo) would be the ability to play a tuskarr, and that would be a near thing.

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