Tauren shamans pushed "under the rug"?

Orc racials are awfully nice, and lorewise being an Orc shaman is a pretty solid decision as well. They were rooted in shamanism before the burning legion got a hold of them.

I've toyed with the idea of trying a Tauren with different classes, but at the end of the day I have no desire to be a MT for a guild group, and the racials just aren't that enticing outside of the HP boost. The stun is worthless for the most part.
because if you can pick troll, why would you choose anything else?
because if you can pick troll, why would you choose anything else?

Because half the time, transmog on a troll looks ridiculous (unless playing a female) because of the obnoxious slouching they do? :P
I like that when i /moo I actually sound it out.

That and I really like the way gear looks on the taurens. Racials may not be that great, but at the end of the day I still get the job done and I look good doing it.

I love female Tauren Shamans. I want to change my Draenei but ruhfkjasfb asf I might re-roll. i need one though.

And Mulgore is cool. I love all that chewing grass.
I am a Tauren because I was born to win.

I am a Shaman because I was born to win with impunity.

A Tauren Shaman is the very definition of overwhelming victory, in all aspects of life. We win at things that normal people aren't able to win at.

We win at emotes. We win at breathing. We even win at winning.
Do you see this transmog? This is why.
Bad racial and they don't fit through doors.
Mulgore is the worst starting zone

I loved vanilla's Mulgore - gave a very good sense of tranquility and genuine serenity that was a stark contrast to the rough-and-ragged Durotar desert. It suited the Tauren well, and I was genuinely saddened to see Mulgore's changes in Cataclysm (the music change didn't help either, felt like the entire zone was mourning, though for obvious lore reasons)
I honestly find the tauren starting area unbearable. I got a tauren druid out of the starter area and swore never again. Besides I like goblins. My second choice for a shaman would be a female orc.
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Everyone knows tauren shamans are the best at camouflage. All they have to do is find a cherry tree and paint their hooves red.

Exactly. And what is Pandaria full of?

but red makes my shammy's feet look so much larger than they are.
Joking aside, if time permits this weekend, I'm hoping to dust off my fem tauren shaman and level her up some (83 currently, if creaky brain's recollection function its working properly).
have ya ever seen a Tauren stalk a Python?
Do you see this transmog? This is why.

Agreed, been rocking the Golden Skyshatter for about a year now, took 9 months to farm. I like your taste in accessories and gloves as well. Kudos sir. If you ever go "staffamental" I recommend Intensity from Ulduar.

Looks pretty awesome on a tauren too, screw racials, etc. they're not exactly gamebreaking anyways.
Draenei horns and tails have better swag.

That is all.

SWAG originally stood for Secretly We Are Gay.

That is all.

EDIT: Tauren are awesome, however this toon is alliance, so Draenei.
There is nothing better looking than a Tauren Shaman imo.
I raise my hooves, and then things die.

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