Realm First Guild LF Mage and Warrior DPS

Guild Recruitment
<Second Attempt> is the realm first and former top world 70 guild on Eonar that has roots dating back to Vanilla. Even though we've been around for so long we can still use help from exceptional players like you as we push for a top world rank and kills again!

We've been around for 6 years as a 25 man guild, but as of Cataclysm we have multiple 10 man groups as well that raid on different times and days including the weekends.

We are seeking exceptional players that will help the guild as a whole get a taste of the top 100 world kills we were pushing for previously! If you are looking to do 10 mans and 25 mans down the road, but also want to be in a highly active guild on a great server, we would be a great fit!

We raid from 9pm - 12am EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Monday optional and 12am - 3am EST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The raid times for our raid group we are looking to bolster is 9pm - 12am EST Tuesday - Thursday with Monday optional as well as our 12am - 3am EST raid group.

A few key things about us:
  • We harbor 2 active and progressive raid groups
  • We have players playing the game at all times of the day
  • We're located on an EST server, but the server is located in Chicago so the ping is good for everyone
  • We're on a medium pop server with a good economy
  • We harbor active PvPers and actively partake in every facet of the game aside from role playing, especially considering we are on a PvE server

  • Notable Progression Achievements are:
    Top 70 guild for most of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King
    Realm First! Kil'Jaeden
    Realm First! Obsidian Slayer
    Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
    Realm First! Magic Seeker

    Throne of Thunder
    12/12 Normal
    2/12 Heroic

    Mogu'shan Vaults Progression
    6/6 Normal
    6/6 Herioc

    Heart of Fear Progression
    6/6 Normal
    6/6 Heroic

    Terrace of Endless Springs
    4/4 Normal
    2/4 Heroic

    Dragon Soul Progression:
    8/8 Normal
    8/8 Heroic Mode

    For more information on our guild, our main recruitment thread is located here:

    Check out our website at:

    If you're interested in chatting about this feel free to contact myself or one of my officers in game or through realID:


    REALID: - Indofear - GM - Sékhmet - Co-GM - Ak - Late Night Officer
    Up for an exceptional tank and other exceptional players!
    Still looking for more!
    Up for more!
    Still searching for more!
    Up for more!
    Still looking!
    Up for more exceptional players!
    Still searching for more!
    Up for more!
    Still looking for more!
    Searching for more exceptional talent!
    Up for more!
    Still looking for more!
    Still searching for more!
    Up for more!
    Would you be interested in an exceptional warrior dps? Currently 514 ilvl playing arms as due to lack of a viable off hand it is currently simming higher for me than fury. Feel free to add me Doombull#1855 if you're interested. Also free bump <3.
    Definitely interested in talking. Still looking for more!
    Still looking for exceptional ranged, a healer and exceptional melee DPS!
    Looking for more!

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