unable to establish connection to server!

Mobile Bug Report
Realm is terenas
I use the Iphone 5

Was working great yesterday but quit working for almost 15 hours now
I am also getting the same error.
Again, I'm getting the same error. Cannot establish a connection tho the server. :(
Same error here, it started last night.
Same here, 2 other friends with the same problem. Out on Iphone and Android.
Same problem here. Was out all day yesterday for me, and maybe even some saturday night.

Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwhich)
Same erro on iPhone 4s iOS 5.0
same error on android razr
I have had the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy S Android. I have tried uninstalling and clearing cache, then re-installing, as well as hard restarts of my phone. Neither has resolved the problem and other net-based programs and apps work fine.
Same error on both my iPhone and my friend's Android. Was working briefly last morning, but seems completely broken since then.
Yeah, everyone I've spoken to seems to be having this issue on both iphone and android. I can login to other servers, like Europe, but not America/Oceanic. "Unable to establish connection to the server".
Same issue. iPhone 4. Worked last night just fine. Have uninstalled, reset iPhone, to no avail.

I can login to non us servers however:
Same issue here. I am using an iPhone 4s and the issue presented itself Sunday morning right after I used the app to put some stuff up on AH.

I tried re-installing, but that didn't work.
An error occurred on the evening (PST) of Sunday 4/14 and persisted until Monday morning 4/15, when we located the defect and restarted the server.

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