Armory connects and disconnects 5-10 mins

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I understand that the Armory is down at the moment, but i have been using it for maybe a month now and it will stay connected for anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes, not the previously described 30 minutes that i read about. So i log in, go into guild chat, and am talking away with my guildmates, when it just stops sending messages to me, so i have to shut it down again and start over and miss messages that might have been directed at me, and this happens whether i minimize the window and go do something else on my phone or tablet or if i leave it open and am staring right at it. It is rather annoying to say the least and makes it not even worth trying to have a conversation with anyone because I stop getting the messages in the middle of things. Is there a known problem that will maybe have a fix? Or is something set wrong? I do not get whispers after this happens either, but i will get them out of the blue later on when my phone is idle so it seems the "push" feature is working at that point, but during a conversation it just stops.
Can you provide me with the following:

  • Device model
  • OS version
  • Network carrier
  • Mobile Armory build version

FYI, the 30 minute duration you're thinking about is the time we allow the server to store guild and officer chat messages on the server after you've gone idle (mobile away status) and begin to receive push notifications. Guild Chat should remain connected as long as your device is able to remain connected.

Are you experiencing any noticeable problems with any other apps that maintain a constant connection (such as to a streaming chat client) or websites?

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