Cant select my main character on forums

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My main character is Ultimus a level 90 Death Knight on Illidan. I cannot select him. He does not appear on the forum drop down menu and the same for my mobile armory to login to do auctions with.

I have cleared my cache, tried different computers, all to no avail. I want to be able to post as him.
I have this same problem. All my new characters on the server I now play on do not show.
Same here, I can't use either of my 90s and they are on two separate realms.
I'm also having this issue.
I too am having this issue. My new character doesn't appear on the list and in fact my list full of characters deleted long ago and some Im not sure I even made.
I am having this problem right now. Just woke up and my main from Borean Tundra isn't showing anymore.

IF any of you faction changed, or boosted, look for a level 1 character with the same name from the list of characters, select all of them until you get your character to show up. Fixed the issue multiple times for me.
I am also having this issue.
Yep, me too. This was in addition to the character not showing up after the server merge (I'm on Borean Tundra). Now none of those characters on that realm show up.

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