Best dps on the server (recruiting thread)

Earthen Ring
Team is 8/12 ToT. (If Looks Could Kill from AIE Dignitas)
Eade here, from My Epic Heals podcast.
I can't find a healer.
Our team is looking for a dps.
The player I'm looking for needs to be either at the top of their game or willing to get there.
If Looks Could Kill runs MWSun 9-12 server.
We'd like to be one of the better 10 toon raid teams on the server (currently top 5 horde side):
I probably won't see any replies here, instead whisper Eade before raid time or contact me via the extralife forums listed above.
o dear
i been waiting for u to see this n all u have is O dear
It's unfortunate the trolling the official forums see. Mostly useless because of it.

For anyone interested in joining us, we'd really love a cloth DPS or a cloth healer. We have a lot of melee currently, but always open to a great player who likes to enjoy the time they spend with their team every week. We want to continue to get better, while enjoying each other's company, and are looking for someone like-minded.
i think your concept of all raiding under one tag is so cool, How do I apply?
your toons name is whiskey, you probably won't be accepted
Oh look a thread dedicated to me again

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