Hi all,
We are looking to put together a 10 man guild on Illidan to raid this tier and many more. We currently have the following spots open:
2 Tanks (Prefer one that uses a shield and one that doesn't. Prefer one has a viable dps off spec)
2 Heals, prefer 1 with OS DPS (Many options, accepting any and all)
4 DPS Spots, no more than 2 melee. (Boomkin,spriest,mage,dk,rogue, and possibly a warrior)
The guild will raid Tues-Thurs and Sunday from 10:30-2pm CST. Guild leadership has a vast raiding experience over multiple expansions. We are looking for raiders who come prepared and look forward to raiding content.
Leave a post here with a brief raiding experience, Ilvl, Class/Race/Spec you are interested in raiding on. Non-raiding professions will not be accepted.

Thank you for your time.
Your guild/raid might be a good fit for me schedule wise. FDK 508. 3/12 atm. My progression is low because I stopped raiding a month ago and I switched to this character near the end of 5.1. Prior to this my main was 5/16 HM.
My damage is solid, at the top or near the top of encounters. And I don't repeat mechanic mistakes twice. I consider myself a laid back but when it's raid time I try to "bring it."

And I always show up on time and do not miss raids.

If you're interested in speaking further: DeadraHelix#1993
I have raided extensively through TBC and Wrath. I took a hiatus in Cata to focus on PvP, but I really would like to get back into raiding this expansion. My PvE spec is currently prot warrior, ilvl 471. Its not much but that's due to not being able to find a steady guild whose raid times fit my schedule.
In TBC I raided up to Black Temple as prot. When Wrath hit I switched fury and did competitive raiding, becoming the server's best geared fury warrior. I am experienced in progression raiding, including my server's horde first 3 drake sartharion, in addition to many achievement runs. I am a firm beleiver in learning from your mistakes, and I never let pride get in the way of progressing as a player. I feel that no matter how skilled you are, everyone can still learn more and get better.
I am able to play DPS or Tank, and outside rare circumstances, I can make every raid on time and prepared.
If you have any questions or would like to speak more my battletag is Jawtap#2421

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