WTS lvl 25 guild, accepting reasonable offers

We were a PVP guild on a PVE server. Group of us brought up the idea of realm transferring to a PVP server and it seemed to be welcomed and encouraged. So we did it but no one really followed us and I'm not sure I really want to build it up again. I just want to PVP and pwn so i joined Fus Ro Dah with my main. :) Bubbly rocks! Barring any reasonable offers I will just keep it as a bank guild with my 3 officers that did actually transfer.

So now it's an empty lvl 25 guild, all BOA gear unlocked, and 7 bank tabs. Would be a great start for anyone wanting to get something going without having to level up a new guild from scratch. You can either post in this forum or message Fuzzbrain in-game.

how much you want for it?
what's your offer?
Have you sold it yet?
I will try and get with you tonight if your on if not send me a message.
Real ID is Syraina#2715, or you can just shoot me a whisper. Will be on tonight, anyways, though. raiding with my guild.

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