Looking for ONE ......

Due to our youth and middle aged folk returning to school full time, UC has a need for one regular Tank for our 10-man raids.

UC is a social guild that likes to raid. We have a good core that beats it's head on the wall and refuses to give up ... ever ... even when the last disc priest is standing, they attonement smite to the bitter end!

We have a lot of fun, but with a tinge of seriousness at hand. Currently we raid Saturday 7pm server and Sunday 6pm server.

Perhaps you are in a dying guild or maybe have an alt tank you would like to break out a few times a week to have a good time. We would like to talk to YOU :)

Must have a healthy adult attitude, whiners and immature individuals need not apply. None of us are here to baby sit or to raise the kids of someone else. At least I'm not ...

Since we already have enough to qualify for a guild run, we are willing to let you remain in your current guild situation and run with us for a bit to see if there is a good fit. Over time our preference would be that you would join us at least on the one toon.

Whisper Dareniun or Shamanuck/Womanuck for further details if you are interested :)
Still looking for 1.

Had one but it was an alt on the realm and he decided to move it over to where his main was. Dang, he was a keeper too :(

On an aside note, WoW subscription base is down 1.3mil in the past quarter. It still blows away all other MMO's in popularity at 8.3mil strong. Most of the attrition has been isolated to the Asian countries. I'm guessing China, S. Korea, etc...
Your BFF is back! Well, partially! ;)
Pst me, at this time none of you are online. I'd like a shot.

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