[A] Medical Charity Festival

<The bulk of the parchments hang within Stormwind, the keen eye noting them to lead in trail toward the Darnassian docks...A large number still continue from there, leading through Darnassus, deeper into Teldrassil. As well would the Darnassian portal within the Shrine of Seven Stars be adorned around with the notices. >

"To whom it may concern,

The status of war for our grand Alliance stretches thin those who so place themselves in peril's path, many perhaps who you are acquainted with to be currently on fronts afar. Many of these war-fronts have seen long use, to no avail; however, there are some whose times near fruition and end. It is to these which this call and invitation pertains to.

The final moments of a struggle, as within the Isle of Thunder, are often the most dangerous and long, the Twilight Empire to cordially invite all to see to assisting these fronts and persons with vital necessities. "Medical Charity Festival" will be held upon the 23rd, at approximately 8:00pm, within the quaint Kaldorei township of Dolanaar. Those attending will be shown entertainment such as talent competition and mirthful company for pleasant eve, within the peace so many fight to maintain. All that is asked is that donation of medical orientation is brought. Be these potions to heal, gauze to mend, or merely gold to purchase, or other will all be graciously accepted and appreciated.

We look forward sincerely to your fond company as all are welcome to partake in the presented festivities to be!

- The Twilight Empire."

(( Hey there!

We hope to see many faces at the open RP event!

- Dolanaar, Teldrassil

- April 23rd (Tuesday!)

- 8:00PM

- Entertainment will include company, provided food, talent competition and more!

- All are encouraged to bring Medical Donation as is the purpose of such charity event! (Actual in game items or simply IC is fine!)

More details will be posted soon! ))
< Alongside many of the notices would appear to be long and empty list, filled with marked lines evenly spaced.>

"The talent competition, one of the Festival's main events, calls for volunteers to sign up and compete for sizable gold prize! Please, submit your name and talent here if you wish to compete!

- Minister Erber Spellfixer"
< The numerous and well placed fliers seem to glow now in their writing as the date for the mentioned event nears, hopefully to attract the attention of passerby. >

(( This event is tomorrow! We hope to see you there so that we all may have a fun time of jovial RP! ^_~ ))
(( Bump for this event and the awesome work that the people involved have invested into it! It would be great to see some RPers join us for this ^_^ I see so many people complaining about the lack of faction-wide events and yet none of these people show up to the events advertised. Join us! Meet RPers! And have fun! ))
(( A large thanks to everyone that came out tonight in support of this event and who helped it come to be! Fantastic performances were seen, prizes won, and fun had! We as well gathered a good bit for the donation aspect of the event! An evening among friends and new faces!

We hope to see you all again! ))
(( I'm (not) sorry Ryoka couldn't (wouldn't) donate to the war effort... but this was actually a good time!))

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