[A] Temporary Insaníty 8/14H (Aussie Guild)

Current progression 8/14 (Heroic SOO).

Recruiting :-

  • Range DPS - (Pref. Mage, Ele Shaman or Balance Druid)
  • Heals - (Pref. Shaman or Disc Priest)

Raid times are:
7:30pm - 10:30pm (Aust. EST)
2:30am - 5:30am (Server Time).
Wednesday & Thursday.

Other classes/specs are always considered for exceptional players.

Contact Pazzi, Tayon or myself (or ask a guild member as we may be on alts) in-game for further information.

**Recruiting for upcoming Warlords of Draenor, Mythic progression.**
We are a mostly Aussie guild that has fun while raiding. Please hit up any member online if you are interested in talking to us and they will track one of us down.
Still looking for the above
Bump for frands!
Looking to fill the above positions for the upcoming raid tier.
Hello :) i am looking to transfer here from Lethon on my warlock (Haphee) and would be interested in filling the dps spot in your raid group. I am planning to transfer later this month (around the 25th) my current spec/ilvl is afflic(ms) destro(os) 511 equipped ilvl. Please feel free to add my battletag and msg me in-game anytime :)
Hi Haphee thank you for your interest, we are currently ok for warlocks in our raid team. You would be very welcome to join our guild. We are a pretty sociable mob and are happy to make new friends :D
Like Tay said your more than welcome to join once you transfer.
We are still on the lookout for both of the following to compliment our current 10man raid team, currently 14/14 SoO

1-Ranged DPS

Contact Pazzi, Rhaegar or Ninjamonkey (or ask a guild member as they may be on alts) in-game for further information.
bump for update
Still on the lookout for a Ranged DPS and a healer for SoO. Australian raid times apply 1am to 4am server.
I am looking to transfer to Proudmoore early next week. I'm an iLevel 533 SV/BM Hunter. I'm also Australian, so those raid times suit me perfectly. Let me know if interested.
Hey madril, sorry for the late reply, pst me when you transfer over.
Is the spot still available? I might be a little late with the transfer due to finances that were unaccounted for this week, but am still definitely interested in getting back to raiding so I hope that's okay.
That's no problem at all, give one of us a whisper when you do transfer over, we look forward to talking to you.
i might be able to meet those times, add me to bnet teknique#1359
555Hpala long time raider since BC on multiple toons, more info in game
i'll catch up with ya ingame to discuss further Pulsé

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