[H] <Legion of Shadow Knights> needs help!

So, due to scheduling issues, we're going to be down a few spots this week for our usual shenanigans! Long story short, we're going to need a good DPS or two to help us, because our progression waits for no man!

So far, our raids this week are scheduled for (all times eastern):
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday @ 9:15pm, until 11:15pm
Saturday @ 7:30pm server, until as late as we need and everyone can raid.

On Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, we're going to be clearing 4/4 ToES, 4/6 HoF, and 6/12 ToT, followed by progression on Durumu, and execution of Primordius.

As for the group you'll be raiding with: We're a group of close friends, and most of us have been raiding or playing various games together for 2+ years. We don't necessarily kill bosses the fastest, but we put in the amount of time that we need to get them down. The week nights will be short and enjoyable, but I won't lie, Saturday's progression may end up being a lengthy affair, but your repairs and food buffs are provided for.

All in all, it should be a fun time! Even if you can't make every night, feel free to contact me. As long as you're pulling good numbers and doing your job, everything should be good. In addition, knowing all the ToT fights would improve everyone's experience greatly.

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