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This is the second time I have posted this...but here goes. For over two years I have seen remnants of LONG DELETED characters still showing in my profile. The characters are Slashdotcom (Dwarf Rogue) and Nairomi (Draenei Shaman). Both of these characters were created and deleted during TBC (three expansions ago), yet for some reason they still show up. When I try to access these characters from the list of available characters it says "CHARACTER NOT AVAILABLE". When I go to look at forums based on the realms I participate on, Frostmourne is is Ysondre. I have not played on Ysondre for over three years.

Can someone please FIX this? I contacted Blizzard Support, they told me to report this as a bug in this forum. It has generated no response, yet the problem persists. Can someone please look into why characters which were deleted so long ago still show up in my profile? It makes NO sense whatsoever.

Please fix...thank you!

Any idea why characters that were created and deleted THREE EXPANSIONS ago are still showing up in my forum profile. It's a little lame IMO. Could someone please take a look? It is a legitimate bug...I can reproduce it at will by simply viewing my profile. I have screenshots I can present if needed.

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