Enh Shaman Haste Breakpoints

Hey from what i can see on top end shaman's that haste has become the next most important stat after hit and exp. Was wondering if anyone has a link to the haste break points for us.
haste break points don't exist, I guess it matters for FS but you really don't need to worry about it
It's going to be 3% hit/Expertice-pvp power-agility-pvp res- Haste/Mastery-crit

some shamans choose to go burst and put crit over haste, so they stack mastery and crit, and use Elemental Mastery(30% haste) in Ascendance, with Flametongue enchant and Elemental burst.

It is a very very good technique for shaman, and you tear through things. Elemental burst gives GREAT burst through melee who usually troll you.

I choose this as my play style, and find that the burst is rather incredible. however I choose Haste over Crit. haste=more attacks=more maelstrom stacks=more healing/elemental burst.

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