Zul'jin's alliance equivilant? (Realm)

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Zul'jin is basically a PvE realm full of PvPers. 3 minute rbg queue times, and quite a lot of duels going on outside of the capital.

What is the alliance counterpart? I've wanted to roll an alliance toon, but Zul'jin's alliance is mostly French Canadian, and I don't speak french very well.
You could try Sargeras. Were as Alliance dominated as they come.
Darkspear is good choice too, its mostly alliance dominated but from my experience its one of if not the best alliance pvp server.
I'd prefer a realm with characteristics similar to Zul'jin, Darkspear seems like it would have ungodly long queue times. Sargeras seems like a possible choice, I'll check it out.

Any other opinions?

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