Warriors, WTF? staggering shout useless?

So...I took time off my warrior to level some other alts....I get back on him today to brush up on the training dummies. I used warbringer the SS and it broke off 1 hit.....is this for real?
yup SS breaks when the target is damaged. It's real.
This is stupidity. Why do mage / priest's root doesn't breake on the first hit and ours do? Because !@uk us, that's why ¬¬
Staggering Shout is currently bugged at the moment where the root breaks on even a minuscule of damage, even a tick of deep wounds, breaks it.

However instead of fixing the bug, it appears that the intention will be giving it a larger threshold in which damage breaks the root.

Haven't seen any of the hotfixes mention Staggering Shout, so I assume it's still breaking on Deep Wound tick.
Its a really nice talent if it worked.... stupid game always makes the intersting things about warrios break... i.e HL
I understand having it break on damage but not so little of damage. The other root that needs to break on damage is the hunter root. I thought I remembered Blizz saying that the hunter root was supposed to break on damage.

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