Am I seeing this correctly?


Down in the patch notes for class buffs etc, I'm seeing that the damage updates to stormstrike/stormblast/lavalash are gone. Does this mean they aren't implementing these buffs, or are these notes just a list of the more recent changes to enhance mechanics?

Because if they've seriously already removed all enhance buffs...I don't even know what to say. It's just not even funny anymore.
What you see show up on MMO are just updates (things that changed in build). They do not show the patch in its entirety. In fact the way they removed it you would see datamined notes changing it from the buffed version back to the original.

For the comprehensive list go to .
So the stormblast damage was removed. Funny. Why's it in red? The enhance buffs.
Read the top under the icons for sections. The red text denotes things that were updated on April 15 (the things last added). Red does not mean removed. When they next update the site the red text will be the same color as the rest and the new stuff will be red.
Whenever Blizzard removes stuff on their official page they draw a line through it.
Yeah, I see that, but what I'm saying is that the original stormblast damage buff seems to have been removed. Maybe they're just lumping that in with stormstrike?

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