507 Prot Warr LF raiding guild!!!

Hello, I am currently looking for a guild. I recently transferred here from the server Thrall. My previous guild broke up about a month ago and ever since then been struggling on finding me a raiding guild. I know all the fights pretty well!

+ I also have a friend who plays a Rogue that would also like to join and raid as well

I am looking for a guild that can raid 7pm-12am CST/8pm-1am Server, Monday - Thursday


Here is what I am looking for in a guild:

- Core raid spot
- Semi-Hardcore raiding (2 or 3 nights, 3-4 hours a night)
- Fairly progressed guild
- Friendly atmosphere

Here is what you would be getting:

- A skilled and dedicated raider that has been raiding on various classes since December 2004
- A player that has 85-90% attendance, and will always let the guild know ahead of time when he is unable to make a certain raid.
- A player that has a handful of well maintained alts if needed to switch role for a raid night or two.

If you are interested add me on Battle.net: Sarge9272#1765

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