What's the best Horde server

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Hi am looking to transfer off Thaurissan and want to stay horde any ideas ?
As much as I hate the idea of helping a Goblin....

Look this up


It shows which servers have the most alliance and Horde members.
What do you want to do? Raid? PvP?

A lot of people will instantly scream Frostmourne or Barthilas but it's important to remember that while they have progressive raiding communities, they are difficult to break into and moreso to keep up with.

There are plenty of Horde guilds on Dath that would love a raider for their team and that means a permanent spot. Ok, so you're not top whatever guild of who cares, but you would be in a team and raiding consistently.

I'd have a look in the Oceanic Guild Recruitment forums and then, even go so far as to look at the server forums. You'll find many Guilds recruit only in the server forums.

Find a guild you like, cross realm raid with them (which you can easily do via LFR or non current tier) and see how you like them before paying $ to move a toon across.

Good luck! :)
Thank you both will look in to both :)
i am currently in the same boat, have u found a decent server/guild yet? i am also on ur old relm
shandris yo :D
Abcdefghijklomnopqrstuvwxys now i know my ABC next time wont you sing with me.
Abcdefghijklomnopqrstuvwxys now i know my ABC next time wont you sing with me.

I see "O" and "S" twice and no "Z"

Apparently you don't know your ABC's as well as you thought you did.
barth if you like pvp if you like pve there are zero try a us server
Id say Barth, i transferred about 4 of my toons there from dreadmaul earlier in the year.
You're only level 20 you dont get a say.
whats a good pvp server
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