How bad is my weapon holding me back?

I have worked as hard as I could, as a casual gamer, to gear up an increase dps. As you can see from my armory I am one of the unlucky ones to go 0 for forever on a weapon upgrade. That gun I got from a scenario the first couple of days I was 90....

How much dps increase should I expect in either Surv or BM with a 502 ToT weapon?

Also, how do my gems and reforges look? I plan to parse a log soon to get more advice on ways to improve. I pulled only about 70k on the council in ToT last night, which appears to be low.
04/19/2013 06:14 AMPosted by Runnoft
Also, how do my gems and reforges look?

What's up with the crit gems? Better off with Agi or Agi /Crit, I'd say.

No pants enchant and you don't have the best scope.

On Council, I think hunters generally underperform on that fight. I'd say with your weapon 70k isn't really that far off.

New weapon and you'll see a huge increase.
Isn't there a 476 PVP bow you can buy? Convert your JP's to Honor. Get the right scope on there and you should see some good increases. And then get your 20 elder charms and week in the Isle of Thunder and just keep running Terrace over and over again until the gun drops. Hopefully the tortos bow will come your way soon (still haven't seen it myself yet)
Yeah. I had made an extra crit gem and just used it. 160 agi I assume is still better than 480 crit? Didn't put a good scope on gun because I have a lord blast ready for when I finally get an upgrade. Same with pants enchant. When you say huge increase, how much we talking? I ask because I usually look up the armory of hunters I am with after a raid who perform well. I have seen hunters with just 10 ilvls higher (505) doing 112k. I want to be that hunter!
As for the bow I think you have to had earned like 7k honor or conquest that season to get it. I spend very little time in pvp, just pve.
I can't run terrace more than once a week for a chance at the gun.
You can run it multiple times using bonus rolls, which take elder charms from teh solo scenario you get to do once a week
Omg. You can??? I have like 20 charms
I'd suggest saving up those Charms till 5.3 though unless you hit the cap. They'll add system that gives a higher chance of loot for every unsuccessful bonus loot.
Very true. I usually get 5 to 10 a week from solo scenario so maybe I will try an extra time or two a week now that I know. I still have to keep my sanity because waiting on the queue and hoping the group still has not done lei shi plays a factor.
You could also do the same thing with your mogu runes; spend all 3 per week on Tortos in ToT for gold... I mean, the bow.

Since he's the first boss in the section it'd be a little less effort than Lei Shi.
Update: Finally got my upgrade before reset Tuesday. I also got 2 set pieces and 2 trinkets in the last 3 wings. I know we have RNG and all but I feel like the drop rate has increased because I now count 6 people who have gotten a total of 15 items in the last 3 days in ToT. Either we are all just extremely lucky after some bad streaks or something has changed.

Back to the weapon, it's made a huge difference. I pulled 90k on lei Shen, that is with skada, which I believe doesn't stop your dps calc during phase transitions? However, I am still looking to get better and my next step would probably be having you fine people review a combat log? I know I still get sloppy and panic with my rotation because I am avoiding something on the ground.
World of logs, and lfr isn't the best place to test this. if you are in a raiding guild, on a guild run, do a world of logs and we could review it.

A personal tip, survival takes less attention to maintain high dps, making it easier to get out of puddles or manage mechanics like focused lightning. Furthermore, the fights in ToT are aoe intensive, so SV will shine better.
I understand, but LFR is all I have time for with kids after they are asleep. Logs could still somewhat show if I am just blatantly screwing up the rotation. Off the top of my head I was thinking maybe jinrokh or twin consorts are decent for a log? Maybe the snakes?

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