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I am a fresh level 90 with a 459 item level but my dps is the same as when I had a 385 item level in cata, what am I doing wrong?
PvP gear, Tank gear, no enchants, missing a glyph, no evidence that you have any knowledge of stat priorities...

I'd go read up on the stickies at the top of the DK forums (or just ask them for help), as a more in-depth response is outside the scope of this forum.

A link the to DK forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1012662/
PVP gear doesn't affect DPS Ryno.
The DK forums would certainly help. Looking at your character, I can see that you are way bellow the hit cap. The reason your damage is so low is that you're missing a number of your abilities. Head over to the DK forums and read their Unholy and Frost guides. You'll get a nice rundown of the best damage priority, what stats you need, and what each of your abilities do.

Best of luck!
Thanks for the help!
you can also check out www.noxxic.com that also should give you a general idea

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