[H] 10-man "casual" raid team <Refresh>

HEY GUYS! Wow, there sure are a bunch of guilds recruiting on our server! If you are looking for a nice, fun place to raid, try us out! We just moved from a dead server and are regrouping! We need tanks and healers especially. We currently raid on T/W nights from 9-12pm server. We got started a little slow this expansion and are working our way through HoF now, and will be moving into ToES and ToT soon. We just like to get together and have fun raiding. This particular group doesn't "push for progression" but takes on all content at our own pace. Still, make sure you are acceptably geared and know how to play your class, pulling appropriate dps, healing, avoidance etc. Sound interesting to you?! DOES IT!? Contact Mellòn (alt code 149) in game if you want to join the fun. We also are forming a new, more "progressive" raid if you are interested. Mature guild, we don't like dumb drama and we say bad words. A lot. I love you guys.
you can also reply here if you're interested. i don't mind. actually... i'd kinda like it... ;)

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