[A] <Aeon> Recruiting for 10 man raids

<Aeon> is recruiting for 10 man raids on Tuesday/Thursday/Monday from 8pm to 10pm server time. We are looking for good healers and dps.

About us:

Aeon is a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild on the US-Turaylon realm. Most of our core team has been raiding together since Firelands where we went 6/7H before Dragon Soul dropped. In Dragon Soul we managed to progress to 5/8H. We are currently 1/12 in TOT due to not having a reliable and set-in-stone group of raiders. We do understand that people are not always able to make it to raid, but we would like to have as close to 100% attendance as possible.

What we expect:

- All players are expected to pull their weight, and do their job every raid.
- You should have the best available gear that you are able to obtain, for example… prior raid (TOES), current LFR and valor gear.
- We expect you to gem and enchant appropriately with the best available materials.
- High attendance rate. We realize there is life outside of WoW, and that things come up, but you must realize that nine other people are counting on you to show up. Please let us know ASAP if you are going to late/absent from raid so we can locate a backup.
- Come prepared with any consumables you need to perform your best. We do provide most of them for our raiders.
- Show up on time, invites go out 15 minutes before raid.


Loot distribution is by loot council, we give gear out based on how it will best improve the raid team. When two or more players need the item equally, they are asked to /roll. Likewise, mounts/vanity items go to the highest /roll unless prior arrangements have been made.

Please Message Mangling, Chetchelios, or Danaerys in game for more information.
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