Competent Warlock LF Raiding Guild


Extremely competent warlock looking for raiding guild or group. I am unable to raid on the weekends or before or 8PM pacific time.

I broke my clavicle the week that 5.2 came out and have been unable to hold a mouse let alone play, so my gear is a little low. 502 ilv

I was 9/16 HM pre 5.2 . I prefer to play in a progression style group.. I want to be in the best group possible but I will take a lesser progressed group with a good attitude.

I am currently on Arthas but will xfer for the right group. Blackrock is in PST, fits my raid availability better.

I can provide logs, UI pics, addon list, ext...

Please message me in game

If you're still looking, Birth of Tragedy is a 12/12 10m guild that needs another DPS

We raid Tues, Wed and Thurs 6:30-10:30 server.

Feel free to message or mail me ingame, or any other guildies online.

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