Prot T15 two piece

Is it worth it? Theres only head and shoulders that I would consider using in the long run with my haste build. I dont know if that block really surmounts to losing a lot of haste though.

I would rather opinions and personal experience in addition to numbers as well. Personally, I feel its only really useful for tortos's bats, and i can handle them without it. Plus, I haven't seen any top geared prot pally using any tier. =(
T15, the ToT one - yeah, it's really not that important. Very good side effect for when you already Word of Glory yourself to heal yourself, but not worth using on its own merits for when you don't need the heal. The block doesn't outperform an actual Shield of the Righteous.

There are plenty of "top geared" Prot Pallies using tier, because the 4-piece is absurdly good when you're taking very heavy damage. It's just not a high priority compared to getting your DPS their 4-pieces to beat the enrages, so their loot councils are naturally going to favor that.

I don't have my 4-piece either - we don't have a loot council nor do I remotely qualify as a "top" Prot Pally, we just have a total and utter lack of Conq drops ;-)
lol yeah our lack of conq drops are abundant as well. I got mine from coins. I never thought the 4piece was all that great. Guess I'll just stack the !@#$ outta haste. I'm almost at 12k now. lol. maybe ill go back down to 9kish where i started to feel comfortable and stack stam for the lulz. we shall see.
Stam isn't for the 'lulz', it's always a really strong stat, it's just really underbudgeted on gems so Haste is a clear winner there unless you're tanking content where you definitely need an EH buffer.

I'm going into 25H content so I'm hedging my bets with gems and never hesitating to swap between my Stam and Haste trinket for my first trinket slot. It sucks that I only have one decent Stam trinket thought :-X Soul Barrier, sucky as the on-use is, the normal version would be way better than silly Relic of Niuzao

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